Why you need a mortgage broker

Why you need a mortgage broker

Being a new home buyer in Edmonton can be tough. Edmonton is a growing and competitive city in terms of housing.

Just since 2006, Edmonton’s population has increased by 82,000 residents, which means more houses, more developments, and more the chance for a bank or lender to take advantage of you when you’re looking to buy your first home.

It’s supply and demand.

Edmonton is a hot place to live. It’s a growing, vibrant city with a stable economy that appears to have weathered the great recession fairly nicely. Banks know this, and know people are looking to move to the River City. They also may not be looking out for your best interest as you look for a home or a home mortgage.

That’s where your River City Financial team of Edmonton mortgage brokers come in. We find you the best mortgage rates and deals from banks for you, so you can focus on finding that perfect loan you can afford and live comfortably, while enjoying the benefits of being a home owner.

We offer mortgage consultations to help you prepare for buying what usually ends up being one of the, if not the biggest financial decision of your life. Choosing River City Financial will be the best and easiest decision you ever made during your home buying experience. It’s another member in your side of the ring, so you can focus on finding a house and not fending off the banks or mortgage institutions.

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