Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received from our satisfied clients.

Hi Yvonne and Nick,

Thanks very much for all of your assistance in securing us a mortgage so that we could purchase our first home. We are so very happy here already, and looking forward to making the place our own. Thanks also for the cookies, they were a lovely and an unexpected treat!

Jessica & Sean

I have found Nick and Yvonne a pleasure to work with right from the start of the process of applying for a mortgage.

Nick has been nothing short of spectacular with regards to returning my emails in a timely fashion and keeping me in the loop regarding the various stages of the mortgage application process. He is really on top of his game and I find that important in his line of work because too often good customer service is hard to find.

I would recommend River City Mortgages to anyone looking for a mortgage at an excellent rate and getting top notch service at the same time.

Keep up the great work guys!

Shahir B

So many times this past couple of weeks I have thought of Jennifer’s transition: diapers to houses. And even if you were just involved in the smallest of ways, these have grown to mountains of appreciation. Thankfully fate has a way of keeping us in the loop with good people, good influence, mentors ~ like you.

In anticipation yet of what unfolds over the next few days, I want to be there to hold her hand every step of the way …. it means so much that you have stepped in to do that for me.

I just want to thank you for being there for my family and now for Jennifer and Mike (who I think the world of!).

You are the best Yvonne, big hugs to you.



Thanks for coming out west for lunch. I like your approach. I have met many a real estate professional who didn’t have half of your understanding of the process and commitment to your craft. Very nice meeting you. I hope we can help each other in the near future and beyond.

G. Rowand

We were referred to Yvonne by our Realtor. We were frustrated trying to find a home in a popular area of Edmonton. We wanted a house in an older neighborhood close to schools and Grandma. Everything we looked at was a little more worn out that we wanted. Yvonne told us about Purchase plus improvement mortgages and we were able to find a house we liked. We did the renovations we could afford right after we moved in. We love our new home. Thanks Yvonne

Gloria and Daniel E

See a Mortgage Broker! Open up all your options. That is was what my Realtor told me. So I was referred to Yvonne. I knew I had some credit issues, and I thought I would never own a home. She helped me understand what I needed to do. I worked hard, fixed everything up and bought a house 9 months later. I am so glad I do not have to rent anymore. I have learned a valuable lesson or two and I am so glad I was introduced to her.

Richard S

Yvonne met with us in person. She gave us a real education so we knew what we would be getting into. We asked lots of questions and she answered them all. We made an offer on a property and felt really good about what would happen next. The process went really smooth. We asked for the best rate we could get and we got it. I would recommend Yvonne to all my friends and family.

Sylvia and Ted

I am a first time buyer. I was really nervous about making sure I got a great deal. Yvonne helped me feel comfortable during the preapproval stage and I made an offer with confidence. I will gladly recommend Yvonne to our friends and co-workers and family.

Suzanne C.

I wanted to buy a vacation property and hour outside the city at Pigeon Lake. I thought I was going to build. Yvonne linked me up with a really nice Realtor, we looked around and we found what we wanted at a really great price! What a great experience.

Danielle and Frank

I was so nervous phoning about refinancing our house. We had worked so hard to pay down our mortgage. Yvonne made us feel comfortable as we talked through the many options. She came up with some great ideas. On her advice we talked with our accountant, our investment planner and we did what worked best for us. She was referred to us by a friend and we were very happy with her services. Looking for a Broker with Experience was a huge asset.

The Raymonds

I am self-employed and I really thought it would be a lot more difficult than it was to get a mortgage. Yvonne helped me get some things straightened out with my credit and my accountant and I was able to buy a house a lot sooner than I thought I could. I am happy to be owning and not renting.

Karl M

Finally we have settled down in the house. Thank you [Danielle] very much for your services. It was a very smooth and pleasant experience for us from the day we applied for the mortgage till the closing day.


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