Security can be the most importance investment

Security can be the most importance investment

Edmonton continues to build and people continue to buy. But when buying a home in Edmonton, some things are often over looked.

New homes are great. There’s nothing to be upgraded immediately and often times these houses will come with new appliances, but a lot of times these new houses are lacking one important factor – security.

Frank Fourchalk wrote an interesting piece in the Vancouver Sun early in the month, saying people buying new homes shouldn’t forget about the security of their homes when gazing the beauty of their home. It might be the last thing on their mind. Typically new homes are built emerging, low crime rate areas. But who’s to say that area isn’t easy pickings for a criminal to walk into the neighborhood and cause problems?

Here’s a great line from Fourchalk: “Don’t get caught spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the purchase of a new home, fill it full of your life’s possessions and rely on a $30 deadbolt and a 99-cent key to keep the “bad guys” out.”

He’s right. For as beautiful a new house is, with its new doors, windows, and roofing, and how expensive they cost, there’s no price on the security of your home. Having a security system installed is something worth thinking about when inquiring about a new home.

Post by Yvonne Wilchewski of River City Financial

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