Meet Nadia DeVenz, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Meet Nadia DeVenz, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

From now on, we’d like to start introducing you to the important people who make River City Financial a successful mortgage brokerage. Each and every broker we work with has unique and essential skills that makes for such a great, well-rounded team.

Meet Nadia DeVenz. She is an experienced mortgage broker who has been with us for two years. She is passionate about coaching her clients to facilitate any changes necessary to becoming successful homebuyers. Nadia knows that buying a home is more than simply having a place to live – it is an investment in your future.


Nadia DeVenz - Mortgage Expert

Nadia DeVenz – Mortgage Expert

“I love dealing with first-time home buyers, especially anyone new to Canada. Being Italian, my parents were immigrants and I grew up with everyone around me being new to Canada. I can really relate to how my clients feel about being able to buy their first home and how big a step that is for them as well as the difficulties they can have understanding our Canadian way of being able to purchase a home. I also like helping clients that may not be quite ready to buy, but would like my help to build a strategy to be able to buy a home.”


Nadia has over 30 years of experience in customer service and truly builds strong relationships with her clients. Nadia loves being a part of the team at River City Financial, including the fact that all of our brokers have access to the mentorship, training and marketing programs to truly become the best there is.


“There is very strong team spirit in River City Financial. We are all willing to help each other out so that we can ultimately help our clients get the mortgage that is best for them. Apart from being a part of a great team, River City Financial allows me to access several lenders at a time to deliver the best rates and best service to my clients.”


Nadia believes that no one should be left in the dark when it comes to getting a mortgage. For that reason, she is always there to help her customers understand the sometimes intimidating process. Want to learn more or simply have questions?  To contact Nadia today, click here or call 780.660.4654.


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