It’s Never Too Little or Too Late to Save Money

It’s Never Too Little or Too Late to Save Money

At River City Financial, we don’t just get you a mortgage, we help you strategize and coach you through financial planning to keep you out of debt. We decided to share this video with you because it makes 5 really important financial points that we think can help you start saving money today!

Pay yourself first

Save and invest 10% off the top of your pay check every time you get paid. Just $100 per month can add up to big bucks by the time you wish to retire.

The Latte Factor

Skip that daily latte and save $5 a day or $25 a week. No matter your financial situation, salary or budget, anyone can start saving at any time and any amount will make a difference.

Develop life long habits

Set goals, work on your financial goals consistently until it becomes automatic. Frugality is key. Start to question expenditures and bug purchases.

Watch out for impulse purchases

Doesn’t it seem like no matter how much you earn, you still end up spending it? Typically, income rises with purchases. We spend that much plus a little more, meaning you never get ahead or pay off any debt unless you make a commitment to limit spending.

Look for every opportunity to save, whether it’s $5 or $10 at a time, it’s never too little or too late to start saving.

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