Hello, my name is…

Hello, my name is…

Now that you’ve found the perfect neighbourhood, bought the house and moved in – how do you break the ice with your new neighbours?

Go outside!

Neighbourhood joggers

Walk your dog or jog around the block, preferably in the morning or the evening as this is when you will run into your neighbours the most.

Even if you are busy doing yard upkeep, look out for opportunities to chat with your neighbour and build a rapport.

Sit outside in the evenings, in your backyard or on your front porch. This way you will have an opportunity to watch the passer-by.

Sign up for community events or hit the local gym and introduce yourself to people.

Host a block party!

Invite people over for a bevy and a hamburger and you will be sure to make friends. You could also invite a different couple over for dinner every once in a while. Hopefully they will return the favour!

What happens if you have awful neighbours?

Depending on the issue, you will want to handle it in the most diplomatic way possible. If they are simply annoying – deal with it! Nobody’s perfect and while you may want to control others it is an impossible feat. Now if they do something that directly affects you and your property that’s a different story. If you are having serious issues with a neighbour you can contact your local community board, by-law officer or the police.

We want to hear from you! Share stories about your neighbours, good or bad, below.

Post by Yvonne Wilchewski

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