A Cross Country Move From Ontario to Alberta

A Cross Country Move From Ontario to Alberta

Moving is always a big deal, but moving across the country is a whole other ball game. Yvonne Wilchewski, River City Financial’s Mortgage Planner & Master Mortgage Educator, recently helped Adam and Kim from Ontario make a successful move to Edmonton. When Yvonne first met her clients, they were feeling a little overwhelmed with the thought making a move across the country. Thankfully, Yvonne was able to help smooth the transition! Here are the biggest factors that went into assisting the Ontario family with their move to Alberta.

The Emotion Involved With The Move

The idea of relocating a family to a new city can be distressing. Family and friends are left behind and the tight-knit community that one worked so hard to build suddenly disappears. The best advice Yvonne gave Adam and Kim was encouraging them to choose a neighbourhood in Edmonton that was close to schools that featured programs their children would be interested in. This required effective knowledge of the Edmonton area – something Yvonne was happy to share with them both. Having pets meant looking for communities that feature green spaces and walking trails – and even a dog park! By surrounding Adam and Kim with things they were familiar with, their new environment felt much more comfortable.

Organizing Finances From A Distance

One of the hardest things to keep organized when moving provinces is finances – particularly, an effective down-payment savings plan. This is where Yvonne’s expertise was most needed for her Ontario clients. Having professional support with determining the most suitable mortgage and loan options for the family’s budget made the Edmonton move much smoother because it was personalized to their specific needs. There was also a healthcare provider change that needed to be reviewed because of the provincial move, as well as contacting the CRA about the address change – both of which Yvonne helped Adam and Kim sort out.


The New Job

Sometimes a move is based on a new job opportunity; other times relocating requires a job hunt in a new market. If your move has you on the search for work, then it’s important to have a good understanding of the types of jobs available within the market that meet your income requirements. A new salary can put you in a different income tax bracket, which will ultimately affect how much money you see at the end of the month.

House Shopping In A New City

Finding the perfect house to call home in a new city is the most integral part of a long distance move. Yvonne provided expert advice on ideal home options and communities for Adam and Kim by getting to know their unique lifestyle needs and finances. Providing information on all the (often forgotten) costs that are involved with a change of address were also brought to light – mover fees, utility set-up charges, mail redirection, etc. Understanding all the costs associated with the move, in addition to their new home, ensured the Ontario family wasn’t left with any unexpected expenses.

Considering all the possible effects of uprooting your home is key to making your move successful. Working with a financial professional is essential to making your transition as smooth as possible. Our team at River City Financial has the knowledge and experience to help make a move less stressful by providing a clear breakdown of what you can expect along with a personalized financial plan. Contact us today if you’re planning on moving to another city, province or even country – our team is ready to help along every step of the way.

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